In a market which is increasingly both competitive and demanding, companies need to constantly adapt and reinvent in order to remain competitive and assertive in the achievement of their targets.

In this context, IMGP is the ideal partner for confident and high quality responses to the challenges raised by our Clients. We provide a professional offer, with a high degree of experience and quality of service, which has been built up over many years in the course of the wide variety of projects in which we have been involved. We are strategically located in Germany and Portugal, which ensures a close relationship with our Clients.

We always aim to exceed the expectations of our clients! Our team focuses constantly on the study of the needs of our clients to provide the most skilled professional personnel in accordance with the specifics and the requirements of the projects submitted. A rigorous approach and proximity are the basis of our commercial relationships.

The capacity of mobilisation of assigned employees and the search for full satisfaction in this triangular labour relationship is our aim and satisfaction, allowing us to have professionally fulfilled and efficient employees, with productivity levels in keeping with the needs and goals of our Clients. Our belief, a commitment to closely monitor and manage this relationship, results in the success and position we have been strengthening in the market, this clearly being a trustworthy solution or alternative, acknowledged nationally and internationally.

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